US Income Growth Portfolio

Our objective, rationale, and strategy with our U.S. portfolio is virtually identical with our Canadian portfolio – to maximize total return for long-term investors, consisting of yield income and capital appreciation. While our disciplines are clear and constant, the U.S. markets offer significantly expanded variety and depth, of both industries and companies.

Structurally, the U.S. provides a myriad of opportunities, often unavailable in Canada. There is a particular advantage for us, in less cyclical, less commodity-driven companies – often steady growth businesses with predictable cash flow and dividends. Also, there are a number of global, quality brand name franchises, somewhat mature in growth, but rich in cash.

We believe that this portfolio provides an excellent ‘call’ on the U.S. economy, in a focused yet diversified manner. It provides enhanced opportunities for investors seeking a primarily North American strategy, in combination with our Canadian portfolio.