Georgian Income Growth Portfolio


Our goal is to maximize total return for long-term investors, consisting of yield income and capital appreciation.


At the foundation of all investments is the expectation of cash returns to the investor. Equities with growing dividends have significantly outperformed the broader equity indices over the long-term. A well positioned portfolio of income equities, with an emphasis on operating free cash flows will also:

♦  Aid in protecting capital in downward or volatile markets;
♦  Be able to provide regular income;
♦  Do so in a tax-efficient manner.


We will invest in companies with sustainable and growing free cash flows and cash distributions to shareholders, to maximize total returns, with below-market risk, over the long-term. The investment processes are based upon the following disciplines:

♦  Qualitative and quantitative screens;
♦  Fundamental due diligence;
♦   Valuation;
♦  Portfolio risk management;
♦  Balance sheet strength;
♦  Leading competitive position;
♦  Proven management stability.

We believe that the combination of patience and compound total returns will produce significant wealth.